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I recently litigated a third-party work injury case involving multi-million dollar damages which also happened to be intermingled with a workers comp death benefits claim. Naturally, I was quite familiar with how to navigate the third-party claim for my client but my big concern was that in settling the claim for a large settlement figure that the workers’ comp insurance carrier would subrogate against the settlement and that the monthly workers’ comp death benefits would be taken away from my client. I was referred to Michael Graham by another attorney who told me that his expertise would have a positive impact on this case. Michael Graham partnered with my firm and helped us devise a strategy that ultimately resolved the issue in a way that was most favorable to my client.

Because of his expertise and diligence, my client ultimately received somewhere in the range of a couple hundred thousand dollars in benefits that may have otherwise been stripped from them as the other case came to fruition. Michael Graham has proven to me that he is a true professional and an invaluable asset. I would recommend him to anyone searching for a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Keith Purdue, Texas lawyer
Michael Graham is an excellent workers’ compensation attorney and I really cannot say enough good things about him. He is easily one of the best and hardest working lawyers in the industry. My firm handles a considerable number of nonsubscriber and third-party work injury cases and anytime we run into a scenario where workers’ comp is involved, we always request the services of Michael Graham to guide us through the various legal technicalities. Let’s put it this way, I have been practicing law for 20 years and if I were ever in need of a Texas work injury attorney, I would want Michael Graham to represent me.
Michael Grossman, Dallas attorney
The firm I work for handles a large quantity of nonsubscriber and third-party work injury claims. As such, we are contacted by many potential clients that are need of help with their work comp claims, only we don’t handle those cases. I provide Michael Graham’s contact information to every single one of these injured workers and they continuously call me back and thank me for referring them to him. Mr. Graham is always quick to address their concerns and he provides them with valuable insight about their case. I feel very comfortable knowing that every time I refer someone to Dallas workers’ comp attorney Michael Graham that they will be well taken care of. Texas work injury laws can be rather confusing to most injured workers as there are multiple sets of laws that may apply. Michael Graham has such an understanding of the law that he is able to adequately explain these complexities in terms that anyone can understand. I cannot recommend him enough for anyone that is searching for a good workers’ compensation lawyer in Texas.
Excellent attorney. He got great results for me in workers’ comp court!

After calling about 10 lawyers, I was finally referred to S. Michael Graham.

The Workers’ Compensation insurance Carrier was denying all of my income benefits and medical benefits. Michael Graham was confident about our chances at court. After we went to 3 hearings, he finally won my case. I was paid all of my back pay and also received the medical treatment and low back surgery that I needed.

Again, I would highly recommend attorney Michael Graham. He is a hardworking, professional attorney who really knows the law of workers’ compensation.

Thank you very much, Attorney Michael Graham for taking our case to workers’ compensation court and winning where other attorneys previously failed.

My brother suffered a serious work related injury and his employer’s insurance Carrier wrongfully refused to acknowledge his injury.

We initially hired a worker’s comp. lawyer in Houston who accepted my brother’s case, but he had difficulties handling his case with the employer’s attorney’s and with the workers compensation insurance. The w/c claim was totally disputed. He abruptly dropped our case due to the fact he felt he could not win our case.

We next consulted the help of Attorney S. Michael Graham who diligently started preparing our case for a hearing before the workers’ compensation commission. With his past and current knowledge of workers’

compensation claims and laws he was able to successfully take our case to workers’ comp court and win full income and medical benefits.

He is an attorney committed to providing his clients with effective and serious legal representation.

Again, we want to thank you very much for all your help in winning our workers’ compensation claim!

A Client
Mr Michael graham he put attention to you when you have ? For him and he does not hesitate to help you on whatever he can according to his knowledge I trust him hiss a good lawyer thank you Mr Michael Graham
Thank you Attorney Michael Graham for taking my Workers Compensation case to court and winning.
The insurance carrier wrongfully refused to acknowledge my injury. Michael Graham diligently started preparing my case for a hearing before the Workers Compensation Commission, then to court before the Judge and successfully won.
I would highly recommend Michael Graham.
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